More Free Printable Birthday Cards for Kids

Posted by Ellen on 3/24/2017 to Holiday Printables
More free birthday printable cards

Free Printable Birthday Cards for Kids

Posted by Ellen on 3/23/2017 to Holiday Printables
Free Birthday Cards for Kids

Free Spring Printables for Kids

Posted by Ellen on 3/22/2017 to Holiday Printables
Free Spring printable worksheets for Kids with traceable lettering.

Realistic Chore Charts for Kids

Posted by Ellen on 1/28/2017
Realistic charts you can make in about 30 seconds

Superhero Sale at Target

Posted by Ellen on 1/27/2017
Super cute superhero for girls sale at Target

Giant Kids Outlines

Posted by Ellen on 1/26/2017
Rainy/Wintry/Crummy Day Activity that involves tracing your kids on a roll of paper and then letting them color themselves.

Number Sense with a Deck of Cards

Posted by Ellen on 11/20/2014
Use a deck of cards to improve your child's number sense.

Identical Snowflakes? Possible but not Probable!

Posted by Ellen on 11/19/2014
Can snowflakes be identical?

Is Finger Counting OK?

Posted by Ellen on 11/16/2014
Is it OK for my child to use finger counting?

Homemade Number Cards

Posted by Ellen on 11/15/2014
Nevermind fancy store-bought card, make your own number and letter cards to fit your child's needs perfectly!

Math? Hop to It!

Posted by Ellen on 11/13/2014
Use sidewalk chalk to make math and reading a fun and "hopping" good time!

Sing (and Type) the ABCs

Posted by Ellen on 11/5/2014
Use a computer keyboard to help your child learn alphabetizing.

Offering Choices to Kids: Is it Smart or Not Unwise?

Posted by Ellen on 11/3/2014
Offering kids choices makes them feel empowered and makes your life a lot easier.

Rainy Day Means Inside Play!

Posted by Ellen on 11/1/2014
Rainy days can be a great time to play and learn with your kids inside...

Two Gorillas: One Gigantic and the Other "Teensy Tiny"

Posted by Ellen on 11/1/2014
Kids don't need us to "dumb down" our language.  With proper explanation, they're very capable of understanding and subsequently, using sophisticated words.

Counting Kisses: Introducing Numbers and Counting to Kids

Posted by Ellen on 10/31/2014
Counting kisses is a fun way to introduce numbers to kids, in a very loving way!

Beneficial Buddy Reading

Posted by Ellen on 10/31/2014
Asking kids to read to one another (or a pet or stuffed animal) can change their attitude toward reading drastically.

When it Comes to Questions for Kids, Open Up!

Posted by Ellen on 10/31/2014
When it comes to talking to up!

Silly Putty Turned Serious Learning!

Posted by Ellen on 10/31/2014
It's raining here and we're stuck inside.  No problem -- time for some indoor fun (and learning) with Silly Putty!

The Currency of Kisses: Introducing the Concept of Change to Young Children

Posted by Ellen on 10/31/2014
As I was tucking in my 4- and 2-year olds in for naps, I asked if I could give them 4 and 2 kisses, respectively.  As I was counting kisses (see "Pucker Up, We're Counting Kisses, I purposely gave too many.  See how I turned this into a math lesson...
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