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What is different about Letter Learning Stationery?

Letter Learning stationery is designed by a mom/teacher who saw the need for structure and writing support outside of the classroom.  Letter Learning stationery has varied levels of writing support for kids of all writing abilities. 

Letter Learning Stationery has pre-printed, dotted font messages that kids can trace, meaning they don't stress about misspelled words or disproportionate letters.  

Kids can have fun writing thank you cards and greetings, and not even realize they are improving their handwriting, spelling and manners.

We offer stationery with ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, traditional lettering (upper- and lowercase), as well as stationery with blank guide lines, and cards that are entirely blank inside.We offer personalized stationery (please allow 2 weeks).  You can customize the wording, add your child's name, and even come up with new design idea that I will (do my best to) create at no charge! 

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Learn about Ellen Richard, Founder of Letter Learning

Hi There! 

I'm a teacher.  Always have been, always will be.  I started out teaching stuffed animals.  When I grew up, studying elementary education was a no-brainer.  I taught 3rd and 5th grade for about 7 years in a high-risk, low income school before taking some time off to have my 4 children. 

It was on maternity leave in 2010 that the idea for Letter Learning struck me like a ton of bricks.  I caught myself thinking about my former students and their struggles with literacy.  Also on my mind were the many thank you cards I needed to write on behalf of my own kids.

That collision of random thoughts made for Letter Learning's foundation. TRACEABLE STATIONERY.  Combining three of my greatest passions - education, kids and stationery - I got to work on designing stationery with dotted line font so kids of all ages and writing abilities could be successful.

Letter Learning strives to combine the ideas of handwriting and spelling practice, with meaningful stationery that kids will love to send to family and friends. 

With many of our notes, your child traces the pre-printed words, eliminating any worry about misspellings, sloppy handwriting or letters that fly off the page.  To ensure personalization, blank space is available for your little artist's drawings, and there is a designated space for the child and recipient's names.  For more advanced writers, we offer stationery with guide lines only, as well as blank stationery.  

Letter Learning cards are sure to bring a proud smile to everyone involved!  

Thanks so much for your support.

Happy Shopping! Ellen Richard, M.Ed.

The Letter Learning Team


Letter Learning: Thank You Cards for Kids and Children's Stationery

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