More Free Printable Birthday Cards for Kids

Posted by Ellen on 3/24/2017 to Holiday Printables
Enjoy even more free Happy Birthday cards for kids.  Print these, cut them out and they are perfect on their own or on the outside of a birthday present. 

The best part is your child can write the card all by him- or herself because you pick how much (or little) writing s/he needs to do!

Perfect birthday present tags for kids who need a bit of writing support. 

Just click on the image to download the FREE .pdf

Q: Are these printables free?  
A: YES! Enjoy!

Q: Can I print multiple copies?
A:  Absolutely! Print out enough for your kiddos and anyone else who might like them! Print them out for your whole class, school, neighborhood, etc.

Q:  Can I ask you for for printing help?
A:  I can try to help, but given the number of requests, it's unlikely that I'll be able to.  Email [email protected] and I'll do my best

Q:   Are you a teacher or a mom?
A:   Well, both! I have a M.Ed. and I have 4 kids of my own.  I'm trying to help, so please spread the word.  Share the link and let everyone know more Letter Learning freebies are coming soon!

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