Make Writing Fun

Kids learn more when they're having fun.  Try these tips to help your child become a better writer.
  • Let your child write her notes/letters with a marker or pen, instead of the pencil or crayon that she usually uses. 
  • Give your child choices and let him be the "boss".  Things like offering a choice of colors ("You pick.  Would you like to use the blue marker or the purple pen?") make a big difference to a child.
  • Sit down with your child while she is writing her notes, so she knows how much you value what she's doing.
  • Follow up with the recipient of the card in front of your child (in person or by phone), and ask questions about the card like, "Didn't Allison do an amazing job writing her note to you?  What did you think of Allison's blue letters; she picked that color all by herself!"  Speaking positively about a child, in front of that child, makes a huge impact.
  • Recognize that your child is going to make mistakes.  Praise him for the things that he did correctly, and select one or two errors to correct for the next time.  Don't worry about the rest of the mistakes.
  • Let your child write a few notes at a time.  Give her plenty of break time in between.  Writing 12 notes at one time is overwhelming to anyone.
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