Giant Kids Outlines

Posted by Ellen on 1/26/2017
I'm back after about a 2+ year break. I needed to gather my thoughts and have another baby. She's here, she's 1 and she's a pistol. Her name is Emma. 

Anyway, with 4 kids under 7.5 and lots of teacher work days, cold weather days, and just plain "I'm bored" days, we've been keeping busy with indoor activities. Today's fun involved me using a roll of paper to trace each of my kids and then having them color "themselves" in.

Giant Outlines of your kids provide hours of entertainment

I used an old roll of paper I had from a construction project we did a while ago, but a roll of cheap wrapping paper would work beautifully, too. I rolled out the paper and had each of my 3 older kids lie down, one at a time, on their own section of paper. I traced their outline (think, crime scene outline) and gave them a bucket full of markers. Now, my kids are 7, 5 and busy, I mean, 3, and coloring "themselves" has kept all 3 of them busy for hours. To boot, they've named each of their outlines (with some help from me), "Colossal Katie", "Super-sized Susie" and "Giant John", which led to a great conversation about alliteration and synonyms for "big". Cheap and fun.

When we're done, we'll cut out the outlines and hang them on our basement wall until the kids get bored with them or my husband can't take the clutter anymore, whichever comes first.

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