Free Printable for Teacher Appreciation - Green Flowers and Butterflies

Posted by Ellen on 4/24/2017 to Holiday Printables
Super cute FREE teacher appreciation printable that allows kids to share how much they love their teacher(s).  Print these, cut them out and they are perfect on their own or on the outside of a teacher appreciation gift!

The best part is your child can write the card all by him- or herself because you pick how much (or little) writing s/he needs to do!

Cute teacher appreciation printables for kids who need a bit of writing support. 

Just click on the image to download the FREE .pdf

Q: Are these printables free?  
A: YES! Enjoy!

Q: Can I print multiple copies?
A:  Absolutely! Print out enough for your kiddos and anyone else who might like them! Print them out for your whole class, school, neighborhood, etc.

Q:  Can I ask you for for printing help?
A:  I can try to help, but given the number of requests, it's unlikely that I'll be able to.  Email [email protected] and I'll do my best

Q:   Are you a teacher or a mom?
A:   Well, both! I have a M.Ed. and I have 4 kids of my own.  I'm trying to help, so please spread the word.  Share the link and let everyone know more Letter Learning freebies are coming soon!

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